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Susan McKevitt
Susan McKevitt
Content Manager
Associate Editor

As the Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1, Pete Seeger's 1959 adaptation of the words in the melody, "Turn, Turn, Turn", and, the 1963 hit of the same name by the Byrds noted, "to everything there is a season". There is a comfort to be garnered from those words.

My involvement in the production of Ottawa Natural has comprised three years of joy, honest toil and growth. While facilitating spreading the gospel of Organic Living, Environmentally Green and Natural Health, I have learned so much. You see, I was like that white bread, white rice and MD kind of person Hyatt Saikin referred to in his inaugural message in May 2009 (see back Issues at My life has been inextricably changed for the better, at least as far as healthy lifestyle is concerned, and I have my participation in Ottawa Natural, in large measure, to thank for that.

Nominee Best Health Resource PublicationOttawa Natural Nominated For Best Health Resource Publication

I believe the obesity crisis situation will compel greater numbers of people to give a healthier lifestyle much deserved consideration in the future. They will surely reap major benefits when they do. Life is not a lot of joy without one's health, and prevention is so much better than cure. However, I believe I'm speaking to the converted in this forum.

This month we highlight Simply Raw Express, once a vision and now a dream transformed to a reality for Natasha Kyssa. Her story is compelling and noteworthy and, to quote feedback from another advertiser, "I just discovered them (SRE) a couple weeks ago and I can't get enough of their juices and macaroons."

In conclusion, it has been my distinct pleasure to interact with many of you over the past three years: advertisers, readers and contributors alike. It's been a wonderful and enriching journey and I thank you most sincerely.


Susan McKevitt
Content Manager/Associate Editor

This marks Ottawa Natural's thirty-sixth issue. We have put a lot into it. May you get much from it.

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